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Web Design Features and Process

We use professional, industry-standard development tools to create your website. By maintaining memberships in several professional organizations, we are able to stay on top of the current technology and design trends. This translates into a better website for you.

Your new website will be attractive, standards-compliant and search-engine friendly. We will develop your site with a delicate balance of functionality and visual appeal. You can rest assured that your website will display properly in most current web browsers and platforms.

Our website designs are also affordable for small businesses and non-profit organizations. Get your website designed, or rework an existing design. Before your website is posted to its new address it will be thoroughly tested to work in most major web browsers.


Tailor event registration to your needs by including extra costs (such as for meals or additional sessions), early bird pricing, coupon codes and members-only pricing. Confirmation and reminder emails are easy to schedule and customize and members can register for multiple events online and all event registrations are mobile friendly.



Capture information of visitors utilizing online forms for surveys, contact, and specific request. This allows for quick response from your website visitors. Information is stored in a database that provides a spreadsheet for returned info. Email notifications go out to one or more users.


We provide a method of displaying video and audio files using an embedded media player page, frame dimensional data for a media file is received from a database. Great for sermons and recorded Youtube or Vimeo files.


With so many organization events going on each year, it’s a near impossible task to keep up with the when and where. That’s why it is important to create a calendar with every event in one place. With smart devices today it is very easy to quickly and seamlessly push the event to a mobile device.


The memories of those important events in our lives are cherished forever. So, it is natural to share those precious moments of the event with the world. A great website has a rich gallery of photos, some interesting event details, and so on. Years later, your beautiful online album will revive the emotions share by all of those who attended and especially those who did not. We can link albums to be fed directly from Instagram and Facebook


PDF Download renders categories and their subcategories. Categories include any file that can be downloaded from the site by visitors. Files (pdf, images) can be previewed, other files (flv, mp3, mp4, ogg, ogv) can be played in the browser. Files are stored on the website and can use a loging access system which means, files or categories can be accessed only for a specific group of people.

The starting point for a web design project is the consultation. During this phase we’ll establish what the main objectives are for your website and the overall size of the project.
Developing content for your website needs to take place before the design process. If your website is being re-designed, much of the content may simply need to be moved to its’ new home. If your site is new, content will need to be developed.
During this design phase your website will begin to take shape onscreen. All or most of the written content will be finished and the visual elements will be agreed upon.
During the production phase your website will begin to be functional. You’ll use the development site to test and approve the pages before they are publicly available. You’ll also begin to get a real understanding of how your site will work when it’s posted at your web address. Before your website is posted to its new address it will be thoroughly tested to work in most major web browsers.
This is the launch stage where your site fully visible on the internet. If you require management and ongoing updates we can help. We can provide a quote for services based on an hourly rate or with a quarterly, semi annual or annual service contract.
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