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Our Company Profile

We are a design company that loves life and we are passionate about our work, and we are committed and serious when it comes to the values and needs of our clients. This is reflected in our company profile, where our dedication to creativity and client satisfaction shines through. A solid foundation is something that Meadows Media does not take for granted. Why do we state this? Because we strive to provide you with a remarkable service and putting it in writing keeps that in focus. Here are our values:

God First

Meadows Media is not hesitant to say that we are a Faith-Based company. There is no one who deserves the credit, priority, or worship over God.


When you believe in someone, you have total confidence in them. We want to prove ourselves to you and earn your trust for a lifetime.


Honesty, trust, and candor are very important values to us. We provide you with answers and solutions that are for your benefit, not ours.


Your organization has specific goals, needs, and desired results; we focus on that.


Your success is our goal – period! If you aren’t successful, then we aren’t either. We take your success personally.


We are committed to doing the best we can for you.


Strong relationships are essential in business and life. Building a relationship with you and your organization is a priority for us.

These seven values are the foundation of our company and they are promises we intend to keep for our lifetime. The company started in 2003.

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