Many times we undervalue ourselves. We desire to reach the pinnacle of success but fail to remove the untruths that may plague our minds. Our self-value has been devalued because we may have faced many hardships or difficult situations in life. Although those situations can seemingly take our breath away or send us into a tailspin of brokenness, it is not the end. It is just the beginning, where we learn to truly value ourselves through the L.I.E.S – Life, Investments, Entrepreneurship, and Success. In life, we experience situations and circumstances that can cause us to stand on the highest mountaintop or crouch in the lowest part of the valley. These peaks and valleys do not necessarily define who we are, nor do they unequivocally identify our family life. Each situation we face can be a defining moment, not the definition for an entire lifetime. From his own experiences, Tyrone E. Bush guides you through his journey of living the highs and lows of learning to identify and prioritize what is valuable. Know L.I.E.S. is his personal testimony combined with financial guidance, tips to becoming an entrepreneur, and the inspiration to live your best life.

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