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Job Shadowing

This is my webpage of the Job Shadowing I’ve done at the IT department of the City of Aiken.  

Robert – IT Director

He helped by starting me off with information about the IT job and showed me his coworkers.  He explained some questions I had about the IT job.

Wes – Web Administrator

I did not get to meet him before I have made this but I know he is very good with the coding aspect and was glad to learn about him.

Kevin – Network Supervisor

Charles – Networker

They helped explain more about the information of their job and how they help people set things up or help people troubleshoot their computers.

Daniel – Media Tech

Gary – Media Coordinator

I met Daniel at the end when I was creating this, he seems very friendly and nice.  Gary was the one who showed me and helped me create this page.

Mat – Help Desk

Mark – Help Desk Supervisor

They helped me with working with the computers and some more of my questions.  Mark helped me install Windows 10 on a computer from scratch and how to install Java on Windows 10.

They Are A Department Full of Hard Workers

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